How to Install Xposed Framework On Asus Zenfone/Fonepad/MemoPad/ANY ASUS Device!




Xposed Module x86

Hello Guys Today I am showing you how to install Xposed Module on any Asus Device without any issue just by clicking hassle free way. For me, expect this way, all otherß guided me towards bootloops.(90% will work).

So the first thing to make you clear that this tutorial may not work for you and may LEAD TO BOOTLOOP I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PROBLEM TO YOUR DEVICE.

Before starting just do a Nandroid  backup for safety of your precious ROM. If you don’t know how to do it Google it!.


  1. Download

  2. Extract the file to any location.

  3. Connect your Asus device to PC and also make sure that you have installed the drivers

    DRIVER LINK 1 :IntelAndroidDrvSetup1.1.5 DRIVER LINK 2: IntelAndroidDrvSetup1.1.5 #Mirror2

    If you have problems with compatibility then go to troubleshoot compatibility then make it to Windows 7 it will work .

  4. Now Open file InstallXposedInstaller.bat wait till installation finished and you also verify whether XPOSED is installed or not.

  5. Now open the second file InstallXposedInstaller.bat, now the device will REBOOT.

  6. It will take around 2-3 minutes and if it’s gone beyond 5 Mins, sorry to say, your device is now in a boot loop :(.

  7. Hurray now your device is having XPOSED installed in IT.

XDA Thread:[Unofficial]Xposed For Zenfone Lollipop Rom.

If you land in trouble or not able to undertstand, please contact me.

Original Post wrriten in Wordpress on April 04 2016