Project Iris

Complexity Analysis of rav1e to make a royalty-free real-time video encoding a reality for power constrained devices.

About Project Iris

Iris is a new project aimed to be royalty-free real-time video streaming solution focused on speed and low-latency for power constained devices.

The goal of the project is to make efficient royalty-free real-time video encoding streaming possible in power and memory-constrained devices. The plan is to achieve this by making rav1e more optimized by adding ARM NEON support. NEON is a packed SIMD architecture which is intended to improve multimedia and real-time streaming experience by accelerating video encoding

Another part of the project expands to measuring of the battery-life of dav1d with hardware decoder(H.264) and try to bring a strong conclusion of whether dav1d’s software implementation is more efficient than hardware implementation of H.264 decoder

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Join us on the IRC channel #iris on Freenode! If you don't have IRC set up you can easily connect from your web browser too.

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If you want to contact via Mail then please mail to Project Lead for any queries